Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today I introduced the Super Improvers Wall with my Students.  I am so excited to get to begin this for the year.  It helps each student beat their personal best and really be motivated to do well.  Students earn a sticker for improving on a task or subject. When they get 10 stickers, they get to choose from the treasure box and they move up on the Super Improvers Wall.  Their name will get the next color on the list.

Here is how I explained it to my students:

Super Improvers Wall is to reward students who improve.  It can be in any classroom activity.
Students are not competing against each other but competing against themselves.

Two students have a foot race.  The faster student gets an a and the slower student loses and gets an f. Everyday they have the same race. Everyday the result is the same.

What happens? The one who keeps losing quits.
Lets say they change the race.  This time the two students are beating their own time.  The students only get an a when they beat their personal best time.
Moral:the only fair race is the one against yourself.

Here is our Super Improvers Wall! 

Thanks to Coach Biffle for the Super Improvers Wall instructions and story.  

The 5 Rules in Action

The videos included in this post show the Five Rules in Action.  The rules that you see posted on the wall also include a sixth rule "Keep your classmates happy!"  My class this year decided we needed that rule and I agreed!  We practice the rules everyday as a part of our morning routine and at other times throughout the day when we need a gentle reminder of the expectations.