Saturday, August 18, 2012

What does a WBT classroom look like?

I have now begun my second year of using WBT in my classroom. Before even implementing WBT on the first day, I got my classroom (and myself) prepared.  I put up the Five Rules, a Super Improvers Wall (thanks to Misty West and her posters on TPT here's the link:, a Power Pix bulletin board, and also a sign on the outside of my classroom displaying that we are a WBT classroom (also from Misty West on TPT).  The Genius Ladder is still a work in progress but I will complete that board soon. Oh, and of course I have a SCOREBOARD.  It is on my whiteboard.  If you are new to WBT, these are some of the core displays you will need in the classroom.  So far , in 2 days of having my students, I have used the scoreboard and the Five Rules.   I hope these pictures help you in knowing how you can create your classroom displays to implement WBT.  Since they stay up all year, it makes decorating a breeze!

This sign is hanging on the outside of my door so anyone who enters and is NEW to WBT will understand what the hand motions are all about!

 The Five Rules posters are hanging above my smartboard in the front of the room.
The Power Pix wall is posted in the front of the classroom to the right of the smartboard. The stars going down on the left are letters and the stars going across are numbers.  It acts as a grid to post the Power Pix words.

Here is my Super Improvers Wall.

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  1. Great Job!! Isn't it marvelous that your classroom deco is functional year round, not just "pretty"! WBT helps create an amazing arena for learning! Look forward to reading about your experiences!
    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class